DIWA - Digital Web Agency

What we do?

  • Icon de design e desenvolvimento

    Web Design & Development

    • Hosting;
    • A unique and costumized layout;
    • Responsive in every plataform: desktop, mobile and tablet;
    • UI/UX design;
    • Multiple integrations (social media, newsletter, analytics...);
    • Secure website;
    • Analysis;
  • e-commerce icon


    • B2B or B2C;
    • Adaptable content;
    • Order management;
    • Stock management;
    • Integration with company's ERP, CRM, payment methods, carriers, e-marketplaces, among others;
    • Responsive in every plataform: desktop, mobile and tablet;
    • Multiple integrations (social media, newsletter, analytics...);
    • Analysis;
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    Search Engine Marketing

    • High position on Google's ranking;
    • Technical audit and on the website performance;
    • Study of website programming and search engine competition;
    • Keyword study; 
    • Metric optimization on-page (aware of the website structure, navegation, design and meta- information);
    • Set-up with google accounts (Analytics, Search Console and My Business);
  • icon redes sociais

    Social Media

    • Social Media Management: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, among others;
    • Production of pages and profiles (if not created yet);
    • Content creation for each social media (image treatment and copywriting);
    • Management of coments and private messages;
    • Report analysis;
  • icon publicidade online

    Online Ads

    • Pay ads: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, among others;
    • Define the target audience;
    • Campaigns optimization;
    • Influencers marketing;
    • Placing products on the market (Google Shop, Amazon, Ebay, Fnac, Custo Justo...);
  • icon gestão de conteúdo


    • Constant website content update;
    • Elaboration of graphic application (banners, graphics, infographics);
    • Blog and posts creation;                                                                                                                                 
  • icon multimedia

    Multimedia Content Development

    • Capture and editing image;
    • Product photography;
    • Video editing;
  • icon email marketing

    Email Marketing

    • Creation and Management of Email Marketing campaigns;
    • Configuration and segmentation of customer databases;
    • Templates development;
    • Unique and adaptable plataform;
    • Detailed reports;
  • icon suporte

    Orientation and assistance

    • Supervise all the feedback given online;
    • Immediate response;
    • Technical support and constant assistance;

Our process

The web development art passes throught some steps and changes and we want you to be aware of each one. Thus, we can respond to all your questions and doubts, study all the solutions and get a real feedback. So, we assume a open and honest communication to establish proximity and to make sure you're always in the know.



First, we question a lot. It's time to hear you, to understand your business, your goals, vision and competition. It involves research answers and analytic reviews in order to start building something great.



Here, we start planning how to achieve your goals. Establishing metrics and passing your needs and preferences to your digital product.



In this step, we let our creativity do the job. We wireframe, prototype and build the layout to your digital product.



Now, it's time to build. Picking all the information, strategy and the choosen layout and test and test, piece by piece. We only stop when we achieve your dream digital product. Then it's ready to launch.