DIWA - Digital Web Agency

13 Jan,2020

Step one: Analyse your business and marketing First, stop, search and analyse. You need to analyse the extern of you rbusiness and the intern too.

14 Jan,2020

It’s not new that e-commerce is gaining more and more supporters. However, on a digital world, constantly expanding, it could be difficult to keep up with new trends. DIWA gathered 10, that you need to follow in order to be a master of online sales.1.

15 Jan,2020

1. Choose the right social media Don’t try to be everywhere, because this can lead to unnecessary and unproductive work. First, you should analyze the characteristics of each social network and understand wich one the profile of your store and audience fits.

16 Jan,2020

With the increased use of social networks, it is mandatory for companies to think and invest in their presence on social networks. Most online stores already have a page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. More and more, e-commerce and social networks are inseparable.

17 Jan,2020

1. I will set quantifiable and measurable goalsFirst, you need to set goals.

20 Jan,2020

E-commerce trend is here to stay and grow. It is estimated that in 2025, online shopping volume will reach 8,9 billion euros in Portugal, which means that 59% of portuguese will start shopping online.